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Turn-key service

Have a new construction? Microland can get you up and running from start to finish. Microland Computer Center can provide cabling, networking equipment, coordinate with your Internet Service Provider, provide computers, printers, tablets, etc., set up devices on the network, set up email on the devices, and even instruct your employees on how to get logged in. Microland can make sure your new building, office, or business venture is “turn-key” and ready to go.


The success of your business often relies on the speed of your computers and your network. Microland Computer Center works in partnership with locally owned Communications Plus to fulfill all of your cabling needs from single outlets to large-scale construction projects. Have an office that needs cabling, an older building that needs a network upgrade, or simply a need to grow your building’s network as your business grows? Microland can get it done.


Not only can we provide networking equipment of all sizes and security, but we can manage your network as well. We monitor your network so you don’t have to.


Cell service inside your office lacking? Microland Computer Center has had great success boosting indoor cell service. Our technicians will come on-site to perform a detailed radio frequency spectrum analysis of various cellular band sign strengths throughout the building, create a detailed plan for how best to amplify the cellular signal for your building, order all equipment, lay cabling, install equipment, and even conduct post-installation testing for optimum satsifcation. Microland Computer Center can make that inner-office “dead zone” alive once more.


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